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LIBERATED DESIRES series 1978 - 1996.

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series started in 1978 with variations until 1996, some examples shown here. Last experiment was the Kate Moss eyecon ( See eyecons at ) in 8 pieces.

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THE BRIDGE series 1982 - 1999.

the bridge series was started in 1982 with a simplified idea of blocks on a series of endless plinths. You could never quite see the block behind complete because it was always hidden by the one in front of it. This was supposed to represent events long since gone but remain in some form of recalled memory. The blocks in front ( in full view ) are present time structures, of which we inhabit, ready to move forward provided we can solve the current situation we find ourselves in. Quite a few bridge paintings were done between 1982 and 1999 ending with the painting RITES OF PASSAGE below.

66 x 44