Anthony John Gray was born in Cambridge, England in 1946. The son of a grocer he grew up in a solitary background as the family moved some 12 times during his childhood. He finished his education at Chandos Secondary Modern School north of London in the late fifities. He was neither academic or into sports but showed a particular liking for english literature and drawing. When the family moved to Brighton in 1961 he left school and went to work as a soft furninshing salesman ith Jordan and Cooks, an established firm in Brighton. As this was the early days of music groups Anthony collected and took an interest in pop music. He turned his talents to producing drawings and poster designs of the upcoming groups and displayed them in the coffee bars in Brighton and Hove. Such was the impression they made he got onto local television.

Although he was interested in the arts particularly painting and drawing he never had the opportunity to go to art college and began a long process of teaching himself the basics of drawing and painting during various jobs including working for his father in a newsagents in St James Road near the seafront. In 1969 he joined the police force in Sussex and was stationed at East Grinstead. During those five years his interest in painting increased to the point where he had to make a choice to either carry on as a police officer or leave and take up painting full time. he left the force in 1974 and that summer met his life long partner Jacqueline Belorgey. During the next 2 years they worked together on the markets, saved enough money to travel to studios in North Africa before returning to England via Spain. They moved to the lake district where Anthony painted for a 2 year period copying from old master illustrations. In 1976 they moved back south to East Grinstead where Anthony continued to experiment with different ideas about an artistic lanquage. Exhibiting with his friend Henry Baczkowski ( a polish painter) Anthony exhibited in Sweden and Germany. He also exhibited a series of nude paintings in Brighton in a seafront exhibition, the work was banned for being pornographic and he made it into the national papers. During the next few years the work progressed and through a long process involving an agent from Worthing taking his work to the USA he was quickly taken up by galleries. Eventually  through an exhibition in San Antonio he meet Michael Harkrider who later became his US agent, the two of them exhibiting in Art Fairs in at New York Expo, L.A and various galleries during the 80,s.  Anthony is still a producing artist today, his latest showing was at the Mother Advertising Agency in the Biscuit Building, Shoreditch, London in November 2013 where his recent paintings were on display. Currently his work in  the US is represented by Todd Harkrider the son of his original agent. This site operates in conjunction with 2 other sites on Anthony John Gray, one is a UK site based out of his studio in West Sussex and the other is a site displaying his prints which are available on

This site as well as being current also looks back on the work displayed in the US over the past 30 years.

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The artist with Michael Harkrider New York Art Expo 1986.


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